Monday, August 26, 2013

Fotographix Evolves into Calgary ProPhoto

Fotographix was a happy accident. The business started out as a sole proprietorship and grew over time. Later, Jesse Yardley began to outsource certain projects to other photographers who he knew and trusted. Fotographix grew from an individual freelance photographer to encompass a small group of professionals and advanced semi-professionals. The result, is that Fotographix ceased to be a personal portfolio site, instead it became a place to showcase the work of the entire team.

Unfortunately, Fotographix was not the idea platform for showcasing the latest and greatest photography that so many members of the group were producing. The site was hard to update and ineffective at highlighting the faces of the group.

Calgary ProPhoto is an attempt to address these issues and more. The new website will be easier to update, and is architected to put the photographers' work in the spotlight where it deserves to be. Pricing information will also be easier to understand as well as being correlated to the chosen rates set by the photographers themselves. Calgary ProPhoto is committed to promoting the creativity and innovation of its members. To that end, a series of social network-based satellite sites have also been created. These will provide an alternative means to reach our important audiences; namely realtors, real estate developers, business owners and engaged couples.

Fotographix will eventually revert back the the personal portfolio of Jesse Yardley. This process will be completed by 2014.

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