Saturday, January 26, 2013

East Meets West

chinese wedding calgary

married couple calgary

chinese wedding photographer

wedding car

bride getting ready

wedding vignettes wine

bride and groom holding hands

bridal party

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wedding photographer alberta

When east meets west sparks fly. In this case, that was a wonderful thing! Fotographix photographed a lovely cultural practice common for Chinese weddings: a tea ceremony. Following the ceremony, we traveled to Glenmore Reservoir for the exchanging of vows. Afterwards, we had a great time taking photos of the happily married couple around the docks. We were honoured to be a part of this special day. 

We're already looking forward to next season's weddings!

Two Engaged

Engagement Photography Calgary

Calgary Engagement Photographer

Engagement in Banff

There are wedding pictures, and then there are the pictures that come before the wedding: Engagement photos. These are the shoots that are really fun. Why? Because it's a chance to work with the engaged couple in a low pressure environment. It's also an opportunity for the couple to get used to being in front of the camera. Engagement photos are becoming more popular for couples seeking something a little different, and this is fantastic news for photographers because it gives us a chance to try out shots that would be very difficult on the wedding day due to timing constraints.

The photos above were taken in Banff, Alberta just a short drive from Calgary. If you'd like to learn more about Fotographix's engagement photography, please call 403.398.6713.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Twilight Home

Copyright Chris Stutz - Calgary

Copyright Chris Stutz - Calgary

Copyright Chris Stutz - Calgary

Calgary realtors are always seeking ways to reach buyers on behalf of their clients. Having professional images is quickly becoming par for the course. Indeed, point n' shoot snapshots has become a signal that a home is not being seriously marketed. 

Professionally photographed homes are more likely to stand out from other MLS listings and look fantastic on feature sheets and realtor websites. Twilight photos -- like the ones shown above -- are being requested by more and more realtors every year. Fotographix is happy to oblige the demand. We think homes look spectacular when photographed at twilight. Our clients tend to agree! 

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Reno. Stage. Sell!

Real Estate Photography Copyright Chris Stutz 2013

Real Estate Photography Copyright Chris Stutz 2013

Real Estate Photography Copyright Chris Stutz 2013

Winter is a challenging time for real estate photographers. Snow covers brown lawns, trees look drab and the sky is often grey. One way to deal with this challenge is to photograph at twilight when the sky's colours are rich and the lighting of a home provides inviting warmth. Chris Stutz's fantastic image (seen above) showcases this effect nicely.

The sellers of this home did a fantastic job renovating and staging their property. Fotographix did our part to showcase the best features of the home. Give us a call at 403.398.6713 if you'd like to book a photographer or visit our rates page for more information.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Canada Remembers

Calgary Military Portrait Photography

Calgary Engineers Portrait Photography

Remembrance Day Portraits

Remembrance Day Portraits

Remembrance Day Portraits in Alberta

The photos above were taken on Remembrance Day in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It was a cold day, but these men and women came out in remembrance of those who have fallen defending the great country of Canada. The faces of these dedicated men and women show the respect, solemnity and duty that was evident on that frosty day. 

Fotographix was proud to be there and to capture the moment. We were moved by the ceremony, and we hope these photos do it justice. 

Objekts - Interior Vignettes and Spaces

Interior Photography Calgary

Bathroom Photography Calgary

Living Room Photography Calgary

Modern Kitchen Photography Calgary

Real Estate Interiors Photography Calgary

Design Photography Calgary

Part of the fun of photographing real estate in Calgary is the chance to see the amazing decor and interior design that many of Fotographix's clients display. Objekts is a series of spaces and interior vignettes that have caught our eye.

Watch this blog for more inspirational photos featuring Calgary's well-decorated homes and condos.