Monday, April 23, 2012

Calgary Real Estate Photography

Tips on Real Estate Photography
Home owners and savvy realtors in Calgary know that professional real estate photography makes a huge impact on the marketability of a listing. Fotographix has been offering photographic services to Calgary realtors for a number of years and in that time we've learned some valuable lessons.

Avoid Cheesy HDR Processing
Very poorly processed HDR (high dynamic range) photos are popping up all over the place on MLS. Unfortunately, some photographers are taking shortcuts to pull up shadow details in their photos. This results in very strange looking photos that do not accurately represent the look and feel of the property. Bad HDR images look terrible, and there's no excuse for it. With the recent technological advances in strobe lighting, almost any photographer can now afford to use multiple light sources for tricky lighting situations, thereby avoiding the necessity to 'rescue' bad images.

Shoot from the Corner
This is a loose rule, but in general many rooms look best when photographed from the corner. This angle tends to enhance the visual size of the space while at the same time producing 'leading lines' that draw the eye in towards the centre of the photo. This angle is especially useful when photographing very small rooms.

Bright is Right
The human eye is drawn to bright photos. Bright images stand out when compared to dark, dimly lit images. Unfortunately many MLS listings are photographed by realtors or clients with inexpensive point-and-shoot cameras; the resulting photos are typically underexposed, not corrected for colours, grainy and distorted. These photos are less effective than bright, clean and clear images offered by professional photographers using professional equipment.

The aim of real estate photography is to capture the attention of potential buyers. For a small investment in professional photography, realtors can differentiate their listings -- and in a competitive market, differentiation is a key advantage.

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