Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Photo Discs

With a variety of ways to send image files to clients, Photo Discs are rarely used. For real estate projects we typically upload the files to our server or a Dropbox account. For smaller projects we can use email or YouSendIt. But this summer, Fotographix has been busy shooting weddings with some really fantastic people. For our wedding and engagement clients, we like to hand over something a bit more tangible, which is why we've reverted to using physical media - Photo Discs.

Photo Discs are nice because clients can request a number of copies which makes it easy to distribute copies of the photos to friends and family. A secondary bonus is that the discs can act as a marketing tool which informs future potential clients about your services. Wedding photography is a referral business and it's a good idea to provide you clients with materials, such as business cards and mini-portfolios, that will make it easy for them to point other engaged couples your way.