Monday, May 02, 2011

JPG Magazine

I've always been a big fan of Flickr. I feel it's still the best site for sharing photos and ideas about photography via their extensive forums. The sheer number of users is great too, as it's relatively easy to acquire much-needed feedback on your work.

Although I earn money taking photos as a professional in Calgary, photography is also my passion and I do a great deal of experimental work and street photography. Obviously this work doesn't appeal to everybody and certainly could confuse commercial clients. My Flickr stream is a melting pot of photographic styles and genres. Enter JPG.

Fotographix has been on JPG for quite some time. Although I don't upload my work there frequently, I've used some restraint in selecting which photos to share there versus what I share on Flickr. JPG could be seen as my mainstream, commercial work, whereas Flickr is a mixed bag. I'll be focusing my efforts on developing the JPG account into a sort of commercially focused portfolio. I hope you'll stop by to see my work there and leave some feedback. Visit my JPG photostream.

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