Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Magazine Issue 5

Seeing your photographic work published is really amazing. Fotographix has had a number of photos published in print publications, but by and large most of our work gets used online or for printed advertising campaigns. Magazine covers are the holy grail and having your work take centre stage on news shelves is an honour many photographers will never realize. Thankfully we have Photoshop!
For some time now, I've been creating front page covers for a fictional magazine, aptly titled MAGAZINE. To date I've created five magazine cover designs using photos from various shoots. Most recently I created a cover featuring Calgary singer/songwriter Alisa Yardley. The photo shoot was done ahead of new music material being released by the artist. The images will be used on various websites and promotional items in correlations with Alisa's overall marketing. Photographing musicians and singers is very collaborative as musicians tend to have a unique image, which is carefully controlled and matched to their musical style.
This latest magazine cover design depicts a portrait of Alisa in a classical, and elegant black and white finish.

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