Monday, March 28, 2011

Calgary Architectural Photography

A few years ago I registered the domain name with the intention of building a portal for  bed & breakfast establishments and independently owned/operated resorts. A sitemap was designed, along with some initial branding and a coming soon page. After conducting additional market research the idea was put on the back burner as a low priority opportunity. Since the domain was registered for 10 years, I figured it might yet be of some use.

Fotographix has been gaining quite a bit of traction working with Calgary realtors by providing photos for their websites and MLS listings. We've even managed to attract a few luxury home projects which are a lot more work, but really exciting projects.  I started to think about how Innhabit might be used to showcase Fotographix's architectural photography and real estate photography. I decided to design a simple one page website with a few samples of our interior and exterior photographs. I included some key words for the search engines and linked the site back to the Fotographix mother ship.

Now the previously unused domain draws in some additional traffic from Google and highlights a specific photography genre (home photography) for our customers.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Marketing Materials

Photographers rely on their work to speak for itself. However that's not often enough in today's ultra competitive marketplace. Calgary has a very high number of professional photographers per capita and it follows that finding great clients can be challenging.
Fotographix's parent company DDW produces marketing and advertising materials for a range of industries including photographers. Of course, when you have graphic designers at your disposal, you might as well put those skills to use!
The image above is a sample of Fotographix's new Rate Sheet. Business cards have already been completed, and range of other materials are in the works, including recruitment sheets, contracts, model releases, etc.
If you're a pro photographer in Calgary, and you wish to improve your marketing materials, please visit DDW's website.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Magazine Issue 5

Seeing your photographic work published is really amazing. Fotographix has had a number of photos published in print publications, but by and large most of our work gets used online or for printed advertising campaigns. Magazine covers are the holy grail and having your work take centre stage on news shelves is an honour many photographers will never realize. Thankfully we have Photoshop!
For some time now, I've been creating front page covers for a fictional magazine, aptly titled MAGAZINE. To date I've created five magazine cover designs using photos from various shoots. Most recently I created a cover featuring Calgary singer/songwriter Alisa Yardley. The photo shoot was done ahead of new music material being released by the artist. The images will be used on various websites and promotional items in correlations with Alisa's overall marketing. Photographing musicians and singers is very collaborative as musicians tend to have a unique image, which is carefully controlled and matched to their musical style.
This latest magazine cover design depicts a portrait of Alisa in a classical, and elegant black and white finish.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Stage it. Shoot it. Sell it.

More and more Calgary realtors are turning to professional real estate photographers to photograph their listings. However as any photographer will tell you, the subject matter counts, and even the best lighting, camera angles and post-production can never make a messy, lived in home look great. That's why smart real estate agents are using a combination of staging and photography to showcase the best attributes of a home.

Fotographix has been working with a number of Calgary realtors, offering professional photography services, however in some cases the sellers have taken matters into their own hands. Recently, I was asked to photograph a home after the listing had sat on the market for over three months. The realtor had taken some snap shots of the home for use on MLS, but these photos were not attracting buyers to the home. For a fee of $125.00 + GST, I re-shot the home using a Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM lens. Because the lens is very wide angle, I was able to enhance the size of rooms and give a wider perspective on the living areas. Once the new photos were ready, they were posted on the listing website. Less than three weeks the home sold. The seller provided this quote:

"Thank you to Jesse Yardley for helping us sell our house in three weeks! We are very pleased with the photos Jesse took to showcase our house. We re-listed our house after the first listing expired and Jesse was able to capture the highlights of our property. We strongly believe this helped us close our sale in the following three weeks. It really freshened our listing on the MLS website. Jesse's creativity brought new buyers through with his artistic and stylish architectural photography." Best Regards, C. & P. Jugdev

I'm always happy to see sellers getting the value they deserve for their home. As a avid fan of interior design and architecture, I very much enjoy seeing what creativity people put into their homes. When that creativity is lacking, it's time to call in the interior designers for a professional staging!

The photos show above where taken in Orange Lofts.
Realtor was Kathleen LaPlante.