Monday, April 27, 2009

Fashion Photography Starts With People

Fashion photography has become that much easier with the introduction of Model Republic. Model Republic specializes in showcasing models from Calgary and other major Canadian cities including Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Fotographix has begun to use Model Republic exclusively to find Calgary models and other fashion industry professionals for our Calgary fashion photography shoots.

Why use Model Republic as your source for Canadian Models?

Developing a successful fashion photography business requires building a reliable and dependable network of professionals. As Model Republic has grown, it has become a valuable resource for photographers seeking to build connections with models, makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, etc. Many Calgary models have already signed up to the BETA release, and savvy photographers have been quick to leverage the site. Model Republic is more than just a pretty site too. With tools for searching and sorting, finding the right models for your shoot is easy.
For Calgary models, there are a number of ways in which they can showcase their work. The most obvious of which is to upload photos to the free online portfolio, however photos can also be sorted into albums and collections. This is a great tool for keeping projects organized and documenting the various looks a model has. Photos can be commented on and added to a list of favorites for easy reference later.

Social Networking for Fashion Industry Professionals

An important part of building connections in the Canadian fashion industry is to make friends. Social networking has become an excellent way of establishing new contacts and getting your work in front of the right people. Fotographix has made a number of new connections with talented Calgary models and makeup artists in just a few weeks since Model Republic launched.
There are a myriad of other websites that can be utilized to build connections, share ideas or just socialize, however most of these sites are US-based. Model Republic is a uniquely Canadian experience and caters to those of us 'north of the border'.

The Secret to Successful Photography

Working with the right people makes all the difference. Fashion photography should be fun! If you take the time to network and work with lots of people you will begin to establish long term relationships with models, makeup artists, hair stylists and other key players. Over time, your working relationships will grow and so to will your ability to collaborate and be creative. When everyone is comfortable and having fun, creativity blossoms and your pictures will naturally improve as a result.

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